29-02-2024 / 20:00 - 21:15 Music


Volker Dymel

Magna Room

Type of audience: +5

Thursday, 29th February, at 8 p.m.


Dir: Volker Dymel



German musician Volker Dymel offers choir workshops and training both in Germany and internationally. Volker Dymel is a choir director, experienced singer, specialist in vocal coaching and choral singing, and vocal pedagogue. Since 1990 he began making gospel music and founded various gospel groups in Hamburg (Germany). With annual visits to American black gospel churches and working with gospel musicians and choirs in the United States, this music has also become a part of him.


On this occasion, 25-30 participants attend the gospel workshop that Volker Dymel teaches in Mallorca. During this workshop, participants work on aspects such as composition of polyphonic choral pieces, rhythm exercises, voice training, improvisation, breathing technique or stage presence. As a culmination of the workshop, the participants offer this extraordinary concert at the Auditorium sa Màniga.

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