11-02-2023 / 19:30 Dance


Elena Arráez i Verónica Luque

Magna Room

Type of audience: +5

Saturday, 11th February, at 7:30 p.m.


Dance and piano

Dance: Elena Arráez and Verónica Luque

5 €


The Spanish dance recital recovers the most outstanding musical pieces from the Spanish dance music repertoire. In this way, the public will be able to appreciate all the variants of Spanish dance and also all the traditional elements of each style.


Spanish dance encompasses more than the flamenco style: stylized dance, bolera school, flamenco and the typical folklore of each region. Stylized dance is characterized by being the most modern of all these styles. It is presented with the typical heels of flamenco together with the typical castanets of the bolera school. The bolera school, the oldest of all styles, arose in the seventeenth century from classical dance; that is why it is presented with the typical ballet shoes and castanets. Flamenco originated in the 18th century as a result of different cultures and is presented with heels typical of this style. Folklore was the folk dance used for socialization and entertainment. Not all styles in each region are preserved, but the most popular ones are jota, espatadanza, sardana, etc. These dances are presented with shoes with esparto soles and long fabric ribbons to be able to fasten them at the ankle, and different castanets depending on the region.


Apart from the different styles with different characteristic elements, Spanish dance also has artistic accessories that are normally used in all styles: the shawl, the fan, the cane and the tail gown.



17th International Dance Season

Tarifa General

5.00 €