18-09-2022 / 17:00 - 17:50 Theatre



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Sunday, 18th September, at 5.00pm


TRANSHUMANCE (Migration of Livestock)


XIP XAP (Catalonia)

Duration: 50 minutes

Recommended age: all audiences

Price: free


Transhumance is the seasonal migration of flocks in search of pasture wherever there is pasture during the year: pasture in the mountains in summer and pasture in the plains in winter.


And so are our shepherds, they bring their flock where the public is gathered to enjoy the street theatre. Shepherds, goats, and our dog are the main characters. But maybe you will also end up being the protagonist. Do you know how to milk? And how about you playing as a wolf?



Golden Dragon Award for Best Street Show at the Lleida Puppet Fair


Street Theatre



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