06-03-2020 / 20:30 Music

REQUIEM, by W. A. ​​Mozart

Barry Sargent

Magna Room

Type of audience: +5

Friday, 6th March, at 8.30pm.

REQUIEM, by W. A. ​​Mozart

Symphonic Tramuntana Ensemble

Conductor: Barry Sargent

Choir Musicanti and Choir L’harpa

Participatory concert

Admission: € 20 general; € 18 over 65, and groups (from 10 people); € 10 students (full time); free for children under 12


We present one of the capital works of classical music in a symphonic project by Ensemble Tramuntana, with the original version with orchestra, choirs and soloists. This is the Requiem, by W. A. ​​Mozart, the last work that the great musician composed.

The Orchestra led by Barry Sargent is joined by the Musicanti choirs of Irina Capriles, the Orfeón del Harpa and a participatory choir. The Requiem (in Latin, “rest”) is the mass of the deceased in the Roman liturgy, a plea for the souls of the dead, just before burial or at funeral ceremonies.

Tarifa General

20.00 €

Tarifa Reducida

10.00 €