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Guillem Bestard


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Guillem Bestard. Photographs 1900-1930

Produced by the Pollença Museum and City Council

Running from 25 January to 28 March 2020



Guillem Bestard lived and worked in Pollença, a town that during the first decades of the twentieth century enjoyed a remarkable sociocultural vitality. That vitality took shape in the long stays of artists as brilliant as Santiago Rusiñol or Joaquín Sorolla - in addition to Anglada-Camarasa, who lived there throughout the second half of his life -, in a profitable cultural world that included writers, musicians and historians, and which boiled under the tutelage of Miquel Costa i Llobera, and also in the creation of the modern and cosmopolitan Hotel Formentor by Adan Diehl.


Bestard captured that world and its protagonists with photographs of admirable documentary strength and aesthetic elegance. A photographic exhibition that documents Mallorca in the early twentieth century.

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