22-09-2018 / 20:30 - 22:00 Dance


Juan Carlos Avecilla Flamenco (Cadis)

Magna Room

Type of audience: +5

Saturday, 22nd September, 8:30pm

Juan Carlos Avecilla Flamenco (Cádiz)

Duration: 1 h

€ 12

Juan Carlos Avecilla Flamenco (Cadis) presents his show Tic Tac Toe, with which he won the first prize of the Choreographic Competition of Spanish Dance. Tic Tac Toe takes us to that place where the existence of the game was our greatest satisfaction. With just a pencil and a paper we played to achieve our goals. The work will reflect the game, the ambition, the strategy, trying to get our best weapons based on flamenco styles, and thus, achieve the desired triumph.

Tarifa General

12.00 €

Tarifa Reducida

12.00 €