31-03-2018 / 20:00 Music


Magna Room

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Coral Llorencina                                                                  TENTH ANNIVERSARY

Conductor: Bartomeu Ginard

The Coral Llorencina (Sant Llorenç Choir) was born in October 2007, within the Sant Llorenç School of Music. Until December 2009 the Choir only sang some songs at Christmas and New Year music school shows. Since then, the Choir has offered new concerts, and also it has performed jointly with the choirs of Manacor and Portocristo (2008), with the Orfeó Artanenc (2011), and with the Sant Llorenç Music Band (2013 and 2016). The Choir also took part in the show Illòtic, with Iguana Teatre, of which a compact disc was released. And with many other ensembles, such as Esqueix Teatre (2014), the Portocristo Women’s Choir (2015) and with Voramar Choir from the Colònia de Sant Pere (2016).

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